Episode 267
August 19, 2022

“The Algorithm Made Him Do It”

As we wrap up conference season, we discuss the vibe shift, the crying CEO, and how algorithms are a celebration of insincerity. Listen now!

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Vibe Shift, Say What?

  • Brian is live from Etail East, covering what’s going on, how it went, and how far conference season has come since last year.
  • We’re not talking about data anymore… we’re talking about vibes. We talk about them in The Senses, but the vibe shift is different for everything. 
  • “The funniest thing about this idea of vibe shift is that everyone is having a really hard time defining what it is and where we're going.” – Brian
  • In the wise words of Brian Lange, “you can’t have a vibe if you’re not with somebody.”
  • Everyone is casting lots of their communal vibes into a pool, and a layer cake is happening of what the new vibe is. If the vibes are wrong, you go and find a new vibe. 
  • People are going to follow the algorithm no matter what, it's just who we are. 
  • “If the algorithm is the ultimate media, the message is humanity is unnecessary.” – Brian
  • The algorithm is taking over things that humanity can analyze, those being: what is, what could be, and what should be. 
  • “This person's livelihood is at the mercy of the algorithm.” –Phillip 
  • When you don’t update the algorithm soon enough, the crying selfie is what happens. Eventually, it leads to undesirable outcomes because everyone plays the game well.

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