Commerce will shape the future. we can shape commerce.

About Us

Future Commerce is a retail media research startup focused on helping eCommerce businesses create strategic vision.

We create content for modern brand marketers to shape the future of their retail and DTC businesses.

1. our mission

Future Commerce helps brands manifest vision and create goals which lead to future-altering impacts for their customers, and for the world around them.

With our platform, we’re helping to elevate brands who are using their most powerful tool - commerce - to bring about the change they wish to see in the world.

Forget trying to predict the future. Shape your future.

2. The future of commerce is what you make of it

We're more than a podcast.

We are a collective of eCommerce operators who have helped to build digital commerce channels for some of the world's most recognizable brands.

The future of your digital commerce channel depends on you having the insights into trends, consumer confidence, sentiment analysis, and emerging psychographics of the customers your brand is trying to reach. We help to shape your worldview by providing you with stories from other retail brand builders.

3. The future commerce manifesto

Commerce connects people. Commerce is vital to our existence and to participate in community and society.

Therefore, people deserve to participate in society and community without the influence or control of systems and platforms that use subversive and manipulative techniques to persuade them. These techniques can be as overt as trustwashing (i.e. Greenwashing, Wokewashing) or can be as subversive as dark patterns (like confirm shaming).Consumers should have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Consumers should have a reasonable expectation to choose to not be surveilled. Consumers should be treated as people, rather than purchases. Not all interactions must drive towards the sale. Not all marketing needs to build FOMO. This is our mounting philosophy: modern brands draw a line in the sand and play the long game with the customer: this is a lifetime relationship. Customer Lifetime Value happens over the lifetime of the relationship with the customer, not the number that changes in Power BI or Google Analytics.

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