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Strategy for modern brands. Future-leaning insights that give you tools to shape the future of your retail business. From DTC ecommerce to Amazon Four Star and beyond. Fridays at 5AM EST.

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    [Step by Step] Retail Funding 101 (Jordan Knapp, Jamie Oliver, Shopify Plus)

    Welcome to Step by Step, a 5-part series from Future Commerce to help walk you through how to launch and grow a successful business. This season, we're talking about funding. Today, Phillip and Brian are joined by Jamie Oliver and Jordan Knapp from Shopify Plus to talk about funding for your eCommerce store.

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    Coming Soon: Step by Step, a New Series

    Have you ever wondered how to get funding for your retail business? Wonder no more! in a new series from Future Commerce - the number one retail podcast - we walk you through all that you need to know in order to build and exit from a successful retail business. In partnership with Shopify Plus, we'll take you from zero to hero, Step by Step.

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    "The High and Low Can Exist Together" w/ Jeff Carvalho, Highsnobiety

    Zine culture in the 90s bred the digital-first content brands of the 2000s, which have led to thriving online marketplaces where content begets commerce today. The best example we can think of is a digital property called Highsnobiety, which tracks the intersection between urban culture, streetwear, and luxury. In this episode Jeff Carvalho, co-founder of Highsnobiety, joins us to talk about how commerce is their next great investment and how it's bringing their readers closer than ever before.

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    "Subscriptions Are a Tool, Not a Model" (w/ Mike Lackman - CEO, Trade Coffee)

    Two of the smartest people we've ever had the pleasure of interviewing join the show this week! In our main interview, Mike Lackman, CEO at Trade Coffee joins the Future Commerce team to talk about how subscriptions and curation are driving user adoption and repeat business at Trade Coffee. In our "what's new and what's next" segment at the end of the show, Hitha Herzog, retail analyst and author of 'Black Market Billions' joins us to talk Nike's Amazon Exit, Coty's $600MM Kylie acquisition, and the effect of counterfeits on the marketplace during Holiday 2020.

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    "Local is Power" (feat. Alistair Crane, CEO @ Hero)

    We all need Heroes - and Alistair Crane and recurring guest Ingrid Milman Cordy join us today to talk about how any retail business can become a Hero to their customers. PLUS: Shoptalk's own Zia Wigder joins us to talk about their decision to program only female speakers in their 2020 event. Listen now!

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    "No Money. No Sales. No Customers. Start From Absolute Zero." (feat. Megan Whitman, CDO @ Kopari Beauty)

    Brian bought 5 different mattresses and lives to tell the story. Phillip reviews DTC candle brands. Yes, really. ALSO: the guys sit down for an amazing interview with Megan Whitman, the Chief Digital Officer at Kopari Beauty, who joined us to talk about her experience growing the digital channel from "absolute zero". Kopari today is available everywhere from sample boxes to Ulta and is partnering with the likes of Drybar to reach even more customers.

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    Tracksmith: Unapologetically Premium (feat. Matt Taylor, CEO)

    A NEW FORMAT. BOOM! In part 1 of #132: Matt Taylor created something special when he created Tracksmith. Based on heritage and collegiate styles, Tracksmith has redefined outdoor apparel in a space that is dominated by household names and global retailers. In the second half: LVMH bids on Tiffany and Sucharita Kodali of Forrester gives us the low-down on 180-year-old brand.

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    Ideation as a Discipline (w/ Ishani Gujral, Madrona Venture Labs)

    Jump into the world of Madrona Venture Labs! Our deep dive conversation with Ishani Gujral illuminates the ins and outs of a VC Lab. The best part: she guides a fun-sized ideation session on the fly. Get ready for the worst ideas ever!

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    RXBAR CMO: "No Bullsh*t" is Never Going Away

    "The best marketing is when the customer doesn't know they're being marketed to" says RXBAR CMO, Victor Lee. His statement may ruffle some feathers but the truth is that great storytelling transcends marketing and becomes valuable entertainment. Listen now!

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