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A retail podcast focused on what's new and what's next in commerce - cutting-edge, next generation technology and strategy for modern brands. We unpack the daily news of retail brands around the world and break it down into actionable insights for your business.

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    Focused Brands Find Their Audience (w/ Emily Singer, Chips + Dips)

    How do brands create retention strategies centered around content to keep their customers consistently purchasing? Emily Singer, the founder of consumer brand-focused newsletter Chips + Dip, joins the show to talk trends, brand analysis and how modern brands are using storytelling to create rich, immersive experiences for their customers.

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    Monday Update: The Future Commerce Sustainability Initiative

    Few updates for your Monday morning: we launched the Future Commerce Sustainability Initiative, we're publishing bonus content on the next two Tuesdays, we're at Etail East in Boston and don't miss this next Friday's episode with Mizzen and Main!

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    "Off-Platform": Building Tools to Discover the World (w/ Jeremy King, Pinterest)

    Pinterest is giving their community tools to engage in commerce, not to interact more online but to get out and discover the world around them. In this episode we interview Jeremy King, the SVP of Engineering at Pinterest and former CTO of Walmart.com, to discover how they're using advanced machine vision and context to power the catalogs and commerce experiences both on-and-off-platform. Listen now!

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    "Meatless Mania"

    🎶"I love you, you love me, Barney's filing bank-rupt-cy!" PLUS: who is the vegan-curious Subway customer? Listen now!

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    The Attention Economy

    When brands like Outdoor Voices launch a new content platform it gets us thinking about retail-brands-turned-content-creators and begs the question: who is the winner in the attention economy? Do brands have what it takes to create engaging and timely content? Listen now!

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