As Brian heads to NRF Tech Phillip pontificates on a foreseeable future where permits and certificates of occupancy are required to build shopping experiences on the web. Listen now!

Show Notes:

Main Takeaways:

  • Brian is on his way to MC NRF Tech because retail tech may be moving fast, but Future Commerce is moving faster.
  • Accessibility is near and dear to Phillip's heart, and so are brands that have good faith practices.
  • The entire Future Commerce team are pretty big fans of our sponsors: Vertex and Braintree.
  • What does accessibility really mean to retailers?

Future Commerce Is Moving Pretty Freaking Fast:

  • Why is Phillip alone on this episode? Because Brian is on his way to NRF Tech to MC it up.
  • And speaking of MC fabulousness, for the second year in a row, Phillip was the MC at Magento Imagine, where he got to hang with (one of the coolest people on the planet) Gary Vaynerchuck.
  • Speaking of super cool: Our sponsors are pretty amazing as well.
  • Vertex is a leader in sales tax solutions, they provide on-premise tax solutions and are trusted by over half of the fortune five hundred companies to provide service, check them out here.
  • Braintree, a Paypal company is leading the way in mobile payment optimization and has even led an initiative (along with HiConversion and Magento) to share the best and worst practices in conversion to sales in the mobile-commerce space.
  • Future Commerce dedicated an entire episode to this mobile commerce initiative, it's a great listen for retailers, or anyone interested in the mobile-checkout experience.

Managing Compliance: How Retailers Can Check Their Progress:

  • So, as Phillip says in this episode, accessibility is more than just making things easier for only people with disabilities, it makes services easier to use for everyone, and that's good for retailers.
  • Web content accessibility guidelines are laid out in the American's with Disabilities Act, passed in 1990.
  • Accessibility is incredibly important to everyone at Future Commerce, especially Phillip, who has written several Ebooks with Something Digital: check them out here.
  • 'And speaking of compliance, Site Improve is a great tool that can help retailers manage their site accessibility compliance.

Accessibility is Important: Some Brands Do it Better:

So, now we want to hear from all of our listeners: Which brands do you think are working to make their sites and services more accessible to all? Let us know in the content section on, or reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin. Any questions, comments, or inquiries, can be emailed to

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