Phillip and Brian are back to talking about deep fakes (and cheap fakes), Instagram may be having a massive influence on purchasing decisions, and is the term direct-to-consumer no longer relevant? Listen now!

Show Notes:

Main Takeaways:

  • There's deep fakes, cheap fakes, and shallow fakes, and it's all getting a little ridiculous.
  • Should Anna Delvin (aka Anna Sorokin) become the next CMO of Victoria Secret?
  • Everyone should probably start sending Brian hate mail.
  • The Instagram aesthetic is no longer a thing; brands should get on board.
  • Are we going back to advertising on billboards?

Cheap Fakes And Deep Fakes And Shallow Fakes Oh My:

We Don't Need Deep-Fakes: We're Being Deep Faked All The Time:

  • But if the point of deep-fakes is to convince a viewer, then do we need them at all? Especially because as Phillip points out: , we're being convinced all day, every day on social media platforms.
  • Phillip blames Instagram (again) for turning him into a sneakerhead.
  • Brian says that there is going to be a place for deep fakes in advertising that is going to allow brands to leverage different personalities and people at a much larger scale than they do now.
  • We're seeing similar uses being used in body data, where services Allure Systems can use models body data at mass to create diverse catalogs.

Spoiler Commerce, Clever Marketing, and Bigger Better Brands:

Digitally Native or Direct-To-Consumer: Is Anything Real Anymore?

We love hearing from our listeners. So, do you think we're at the pinnacle of a new way of advertising? Is the Instagram aesthetic over, and should brands get on board with that?

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