Bonobos is the newest to try-before-you-buy brands, Walmart is killing it, Phillip loves on ULTA (again) but not for the reason you think - PLUS a new approach to designing e-commerce experiences for Gen Z. Listen now!

Show Notes:

Main Takeaways:

  • A pilot program that would have had facial recognition technology being used in a public school is put on hold, for all of the reasons.
  • Are stripped down, discovery heavy e-commerce sites the future of user experience?
  • Phillip's pretty much obsessed with Ulta, and for some pretty good reasons.
  • Walmart is basically just a tech company that happens to sell products.
  • The try-before-you-buy model is changing the way consumers shop online, and in-store.

Facial Recognition Being Used in Schools: Yay or Nay?

Will The Entire World Get on Board With Entireworld?

  • What does the future of e-commerce look like, could it be that it looks like the category-less kind of zany The Entireworld brand?  
  • Phillip definitely seems to think so, and apparently so does Nike.
  • "The future of e-commerce is a model that goes beyond the traditional checkout model"
  • Nike has set up a website that is very much in line with the layout of Entireworld and acts as a brand-bible that is basically a guide to materials and ethos and brand position for Nike.

This Show is All About Ulta: They're Killing The Merchandising Game:

  • Ulta: The Sephora alternative with pretty much everything, and seemingly immune from the broader "retail apocalypse".
  • So what is different about Ulta, why is Yahoo Finance calling them a "Diamond in the Rough?"
  • Here are some important data points: Ulta has grown exponentially: The stock has grown 3,845% over the last ten years, and now has over 25,000 products across 500 brands.
  • And according to Phillip where Ulta really excels is in their merchandising, and the experience of the store itself.
  • Brian says that Ulta's surge probably has to do with how many hair products Phillip purchases there.
  • Ulta has its products laid out by brand and offers in-house salon services where customers can actually experience those products.

Walmart Hires a New CTO With Some Extra Responsibilities:

Try-Before-You-Buy: Giving Customers The Option to Return Nets Bonobos Gains:

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