Season 2 Episode 11
November 23, 2022


Why is it that memories of your grandma’s cereal offerings can be such a powerful and nostalgic memory? Ingrid and Kiri talk about the power of memory when it comes to content and commerce and how this element of our human experience can be such a beautiful way for brands to build a legacy that lasts to future generations.

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Beautiful Nostalgia

  • There has been a big flight back to legacy brands and national brands that has escalated during times of uncertainty and turmoil, for that sense of comfort and security
  • In a world of so many copycat brands that have saturated a market that used to be full of only legacy brands that were familiar and comfortable, no one wants to think too hard about what cereal they are going to buy
  • It’s been hard to watch new luxury brands have the same longevity as heritage brands because memory and nostalgia compel consumers to go back to the old luxury brands again and again
  • This memory concept is our brain's receptacle of the past, the means of passing our life stories to the next generation for continuity
  • Food, for example, is so connected to our memories and remains a part of our lives in many meaningful ways
  • If you work for a brand or have some influence with a brand that has a little bit of legacy, I think it can be a really, really powerful thing to tap into
  • A lot of small brands that have successfully solved problems in their niche, but relatively few get to that level of scale
  • Even if the product is wildly better than the brand there is much power and resilience that a brand allows you to have that is so much more powerful than just being a product

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