Season 2 Episode 4
April 6, 2022

“Metaverse is Just the Internet Now”

Ingrid is live from ShopTalk 2022, sitting down with Phillip and Brian to discuss what's ahead, where they think the metaverse is going, and how curation is key. Listen now!

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Come At Me PacSun

  • Everything and everyone is all about the metaverse right now. Brian is starting to think that the “metaverse is just the internet now.” Maybe it is, hence why some think NFTs, crypto, and bitcoin are part of the metaverse as well. 
  • When we think about DTC we have to remember what the entailed vision was: “to disrupt the existing industry or category with a product that is equal to or better than the existing products that are available and make them more affordable and get them to you quicker.” -Ingrid
  • Everyone is capable of doing everything because there is an audience
  • “Crypto bros are basically just this generation's example of extreme couponers.” -Phillip
  • A company-curated around being highly curated and centered around good company culture, and innovation will beat out money every single time.
  • “The biggest opportunity in this current market is right now, everything that is going to be worth anything is entirely based on curation.” - Ingrid

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