Build Once, Brush Twice
Episode 34
December 29, 2020

Build Once, Brush Twice

with Julian Levine, Co-Founder and CEO of Twice

Julian Levine is the Co-Founder and CEO of Twice. Twice is an oral care brand, also Co-Founded by Lenny Kravitz, that donates 10% of profits to the Glo Good Foundation, which provides underserved communities with dental care, education, and supplies. On a mission to promote oral health and encourage brushing twice a day, Twice offers premium toothpaste with high quality ingredients in two different flavors, one for morning and one for night. In this episode, Julian shares with us his journey from helping his entrepreneurial parents ship products for their first company, Go Smile, as a young 13 year old, to playing lacrosse at Cornell University, to working as an investment banker where he felt inspired and compelled to become an entrepreneur himself. We talk about his experience fundraising, his book recommendations and his volunteer mission to the Bahamas in 2015, which sparked the idea for Twice.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • How as the son of a dentist and entrepreneurial parents who founded the company Go Smile, Julian learned a lot about building a business, oral health, and wellness, which later led to he and his brother founding Twice
  • How sports played a big part in his life and why he studied business and finance at Cornell University, where he also played lacrosse and had a major life lesson as a result
  • What internships and jobs in the finance world helped build his experience and expertise in understanding the investment banking industry and raising funds for consumer and retail companies
  • How over time, hearing so many great stories of Founders and companies that were doing things right and making a difference in their industries really inspired him and why that planted seeds in his mind to one day become a Founder
  • How his parents' second company they founded, Glo Science, and their non-profit organization, Glo Good Foundation led to Lenny Kravitz asking for them to come to his home nation, the Bahamas, to help people there who didn’t have access to oral care.
  • How Julian and his brother Cody spent 18 months formulating a toothpaste that takes the ethos of natural toothpaste and infuses it with the performance of big brands
  • What it is like to have a brother as a Co-Founder, how they balance work with family life and how Julian keeps himself healthy and well-balanced
  • What’s next for Twice and how the company continues to give back

To Find Out More:


“My dad always talks about this idea that really it's like staying with it until you succeed. It's about having the grit and the will and the determination to succeed and basically surviving to thrive. Survive until you thrive.”

“I think we get blindsided every day by these beautiful, amazing stories of companies selling for billions of dollars that are creating so much amazing impact and not enough attention gets put on the journey.”

“Those missions were the inspiration to wanting to create a business that could improve health and hygiene, give back to this mission and cause, try to create a brand in oral care that made people smile and had people actually think twice and brush twice.”

“So what we wanted to do is really take the ethos of natural, but infuse it with the performance of the big brands.”

“We want to build this world around oral wellness. And so in our toothpaste, we have three antioxidant vitamins, vitamin A, C and E, which are great for your gums, great for saliva production, bacteria regulation, really more about the mouth versus the teeth.” 

“So it's kind of like this science meets wellness approach and that's what we call a toothpaste.”

“Understanding who is the right investor is not an easy thing to figure out, especially not only just your stage, but your focus and your company.”

“You have a vision. And the more clear your vision can be, the easier it is to manage and operate around that. But for us as passion and purpose-led entrepreneurs, roadblocks are inevitable, challenges are inevitable.”

“We are out of control passionate about toothpaste and the smile and trying to grow this brand that we so truly believe deserves to exist and become a leader.”

“I think success is a very relative measure.” 

“You're putting your life, your reputation, you're being behind a brand. And so you want it to be the best in whatever that means.”

“I think a big thing for me as a small team with a lot to do is really about time management.”

“If you think around true product market fit, it'll help increase your chances for success.”

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