UNBOXING: MSCHF Alexagate, Civitas Tees! PLUS: DTC Catalogs and the Attention Economy

Everything old is new again and DTC Catalogs are all the rage. Phillip and Brian review catalogs from Tracksmith and Parachute, as well as an unboxing (unbagging?) of DTC t-shirt company swag from Civitas. PLUS: What is an Alexagate? We unbox the MSCHF Alexagate device, which purports to protect you from your Amazon Alexa from listening in on your conversations by covering your device with a noise-canceling shroud. We unbox it live and talk about its purpose and the tongue-in-cheek nature of building products meant to raise awareness of privacy implications. -------- Subscribe to Future Commerce, the #1 podcast for retail and DTC, helping you ask the hard questions to shape the future of your eCommerce business. https://futurecommerce.fm/