Pili Nut Epiphany
Episode 32
December 15, 2020

Pili Nut Epiphany

with Liz Fisher, Founder and CEO of Lavva

Elizabeth Fisher is the Founder and CEO of Lavva. After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer and enduring chemotherapy not just once, but unfortunately, twice, Liz decided to follow a strict Keto diet to help heal her body and discovered the world's lowest carb, highest fat nut called the Pili nut. Blown away by the Pili's smooth, delicious, buttery flavor, nutrients, and high fat content, Liz began blending them with coconut milk, which sparked the idea for Lavva. In over 2,000 grocery stores nationwide Lavva currently offers superfood yogurts in six flavors, including best selling vanilla, original, and strawberry. In June 2020, Lavva launched the first ever vegan keto certified yogurt called Molten Lavva, and recently debuted a line of plant milks and creamer exclusively in Whole Foods. In this episode, Liz shares with us her journey from running away from home at age 14 to launching her first business Muffin A Day and building a career working in sales for numerous health food companies before launching Lavva in 2018.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • How Liz grew up in New Jersey with great parents and a naturally talented salesperson father who was a mentor to her
  • Why, even though she had a great home life, she ran away from home with a friend when still a young teenager and what she learned from that experience
  • How she studied at an art school in Florence, Italy and why that was a transformative time in her life
  • What it was like living in New York as an actress and dancer, making a living and supporting herself in the City
  • How taking the initiative to send a tape and ask for a job as producer on one of her favorite radio talk shows actually led to accepting a marriage proposal on a second date
  • What led to Liz starting her first company called Muffin A Day and what she learned from that experience
  • What she learned from working at Alvarado Street Bakery after she sold her first company, Muffin A Day, and how she found herself on the journey of breaking into the more natural, salty snack market with Pirate’s Booty
  • How an advanced cancer diagnosis brought an even more urgent personal journey with her health that led to the discovery of the pili nut
  • How she began Lavva, what fundraising was like, and what is next for Lavva

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“Continue putting one foot in front of the next and the customers will meet you there if you have something special.” 

“The consumer really is the strongest advocate you can have.”

“I guess that's really kind of the takeaway is you're never really washed up.”

“Because I'm looking at these macros for how they perform in the body.” 

“We're looking at the right kind of fat paired with whole food to make this cultured medium which became plant yogurt.”

“It doesn't happen overnight. It takes time…”

“I think that there are more and more people who are feeling better longer and want to keep it that way. And they've made themselves students of what works for them.”

“If you're not there for yourself, you really can't be there for anyone else.”

“I do think people want what they want when they want it. And I do think the consumer, our consumer certainly, they're not going to settle.”

“I've had so many failures and so many false starts, and it's about just cut yourself a break and lighten up a little bit. You're doing your best. And just go forward.”

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