In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • How his dad challenged him and helped him to avoid the pitfalls of being a “spoiled rich kid” by encouraging him to get a job at just 8 years old.
  • How selling Beanie Babies sparked a lifelong passion for business.
  • Why he believes that sales is not about selling.
  • How the market crash of 2008 steered him away from pursuing his father’s real-estate legacy and why he chose to become an entrepreneur instead.
  • How he doubled his income by starting consulting work with major brands
  • The realization that all companies, big and small, suffer from the same problem with finding good marketing talent and how that inspired him to start Hawke Media.
  • Why he believes there are 3 pillars of successful marketing and what they are.
  • Why you should never trust a company who guarantees ROI.
  • How to train your managers to be leaders and why you should take it seriously.
  • Why money is not his only barometer of success.
  • Why clarity of vision is the most important thing of all.


“If you can’t sell Rubik’s Cubes, don’t start a Rubik’s Cube company.”

“You can’t take any of it personally. Things happen  –– it’s okay.”

“Sustainably do something you love every day. I say sustainably because you need to make a living, you need to make money, whatever that means to you, but you gotta just enjoy it. Life’s too short. It’s not just about money. There are plenty of rich people who are miserable –– that to me is not success.”

“Just get shit done. What are you actually doing? Don’t get caught up it the buzzwords and the hype and all the talk. Just go to work. Get something done.”

“If you have to raise money to get your product to market, you have the wrong team, or you’re the wrong person.”

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