In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • Ariel’s unconventional path from working in Advertising to starting her own business.
  • How Ariel merged her interest in building a brand with her passion for high quality home essentials to start Parachute Home.
  • What she did to update investors and show progress in order to secure capital.
  • How she took feedback and applied it feverishly to better herself and her company.
  • Best lessons learned and tips on hiring the right people based on your own core competency.
  • Some of the challenges she faced in building her confidence, and ways she encourages camaraderie and bonding within the Parachute culture.
  • Why it’s not rare to see employees of Parachute cardio boxing each other.
  • What investors need to feel and see, and what Ariel has done to bring out the “crazy” within her own pitch meetings.
  • Her recent $30M Series C round, and why fundraising is like a performance.
  • How Ariel measures success, and her focus on building a long lasting brand.
  • The moments where Ariel felt most defeated, and how she got back on her feet.
  • Ariel’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

To Find Out More:



  • “You have to fake it til you make it.”
  • “You are investing in the person so much more than the actual idea”
  • “I had to let go of my own insecurity regarding the types of people that would be excited to work here.”
  • “When you have a great brand that people are inspired by, it becomes a lot easier to recruit people.”
  • “You are your own biggest advocate. You must put the excitement and passion on the table so it can be felt and experienced by others.”
  • “Nothing is easy, and that’s what keeps it fun.”
  • “Everything takes longer than expected.”
  • “I think when you have an idea you really believe in, it’s totally worth following that passion.”
  • “You have to get used to things going wrong, and moments that are overwhelming.”