In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • How Bry’s big family and entrepreneurial father provided a great childhood, team spirit, and competitive edge, with lots of inspiration that led her to where she is today
  • How she studied computer animation at university in London, was interested in film and advertising, and was a full-time producer in London by the time she finished her degree
  • How lessons in the TV, advertising, and marketing industry gave her a knack for problem-solving and also incredibly thick skin
  • Why she decided to discontinue her first company, Lilly Loray, to move to something greater, even though it was an incredible experience
  • How her desire to run her own business continued to grow after she had her children and why she became most interested in the food industry 
  • Why, after discovering jackfruit at a music festival, Bry knew this was the plant-based meat alternative she had been searching for
  • How she was introduced to her Co-Founder, Jennifer Pardoe, who was working at her own plant-based consultancy called PB&Co 
  • How they launched into the ZZZ Pizza chain and then Papa John’s in January 2020, leading to over 20 million slices of jackfruit pepperoni sold
  • How they’ve been able to raise 1.6 million in British Pounds ($2.1 million) even during COVID 
  • How Bry ensures she is building a cohesive team that compliments each other well, how hard lessons can lead to stronger companies, and why she believes that everything happens for a reason
  • Why she has learned that confidence and learning to let go and delegate has helped her grow as a person and leader and how these lessons continue to open new doors for the company 

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“When you're working in the advertising industry, you know, there's always an answer.”

“You have that mentality that you have to solve the problem. You're a problem solver.”

“It was a really lovely lifestyle business, but I don't do things by halves.”

“I came across jackfruit at a music festival, and I saw that the fleshiness of it, the versatility of it, and its flavor hugging qualities could lend itself to plant-based meats. And I knew then that I really wanted to go into something food and plant-based and use jackfruit as my core ingredient.”

“You have to tie everything together. It's about just that at the end of the day, delivering big results.”

“When you bring on a team, and now we've got nine, I was doing everything that they were doing and more. And now they're doing every single job far better than I could ever have ever done, but I had to let go. I had to let them take control of that.”

“And just growing confidence that I can do this. I had the belief in the business at the start. And as you know, we all know, it's just growing in that, in a confidence that we can do it.”

“I know that when you have a vision for something and a passion to make it happen, that really helps drive you to stop at nothing until it happens.”

“You might not have every answer, but there's always a way to learn, whether it's online, or podcasts like this one, or reading a book, or finding a mentor.”

“Do your research, find gaps, get an amazing team, someone with experience to support you and have faith in you and your business. And just think big.”