In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • How an early penchant for shopping at Contempo Casuals sparked a lifelong passion for fashion. 
  • Why she credits studying Sociology and Psychology in college with helping her to be successful in sales. 
  • The tools she used to manifest her dream job at DVF.
  • What NOT to do and why you should never burn bridges.
  • Her take on the nuances of successful scalability. 
  • The value of a Shared Economy approach. 
  • Why she knew it was time to pivot and leave fashion for tech.
  • Why she considered naming Spring’s first blog post “Fuck the Department Store.”
  • The critical importance of company culture. 
  • Why “good enough” is a bad thing. 
  • What the toughest challenges she faces as a CEO are. 
  • Her best advice for others aspiring to a CEO title. 

To Find Out More: 


“It took me a while to learn how important it is to champion yourself.”

“There is a fine line between overselling yourself and not having the goods to deliver.”

“My heart and soul and purpose were in disrupting the industry.”

“I think we, especially as women, feel like we can’t do it unless we are a thousand percent qualified, where as men say: I can do one of these things, I can do the whole thing.”

“You have to really believe in and love what you do.”

“The leader sets the tone.”

“Sometimes we’re paving the road while we’re driving.”

“Get ready, fasten your seatbelt, and suck up as much information as you can.”