In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • How this LA native was inspired by his entrepreneurial family growing up. 
  • How he got interested in startups and started his “Just wine” company while still just a junior in college at Berkeley, CA. 
  • How taking a job in the finance world ultimately helped him become a more successful entrepreneur. 
  • His take on a plant-based lifestyle. 
  • How he got the idea for Dream Pops on a trip to South America. 
  • The importance of not hiring your friends and seeking exceptional talent. 
  • His time in Italy and why traveling is important for perspective as a CEO.
  • How to build your tool set and why it’s critical. 
  • Gratitude and David’s evolving metrics of success.
  • The importance of spiritual stamina.
  • How he stays focused and motivated with all the details of his ultra-important MORNING ROUTINE. 
  • Why you want to have other entrepreneurs in your inner circle. 
  • The importance of asking for help, and following up on offers of support.
  • David’s advice on channels, shipping, and distribution for CPG. 
  • David’s best book recommendations.
  • His vision for an “ice cream shop of the future” and what’s next for Dream Pops! 

To Find Out More:


“You’d be surprised how many people want to help you with no monetary gain.”

“When your back is against the wall, you’d be shocked at what you’re capable of accomplishing.”

“ Most people shouldn’t be entrepreneurs. There are huge sacrifices emotionally, financially, and psychologically. For me it makes sense. I like coloring outside the lines of the unknown. I can’t stand structure so it (entrepreneurship) makes sense for me. But that’s where self-awareness is so crucial and you know, I learned the hard way.”

“My advice is to go get the tools. Cause you don’t have them.”

“You really need to not hire your friends.”

“Understand how little you really need.”