Live from Shoptalk 2019, there's a lot to say about brands, Levi's keynote, and puppies which seem to be everywhere! Future Commerce Director of Content Lianne Hikind joins the show, and clienteling is a major theme at Shoptalk sessions.

Show Notes:

Main Takeaways:

  • Phillip and Brian podcast live for the third time from #Shoptalk2019!
  • FC's Director of Content Lianne Hikind joins the show
  • Why does anybody think giving free haircuts at a conference is a good idea?
  • Shoptalk launches Retail Club to help retailers and merchants network.
  • Boring brands continue to die off because they are not engaging with customers.

Trouble With Tribbles: Payment Providers in 2019:

  • Paypal Credit is a familiar face on the Shoptalk marketplace floor.
  • Brian regrets not getting a free haircut at Shoptalk, though why there are free haircuts at a conference is confusing, and slightly unsanitary.
  • Maybe the free haircuts are connected to the abundance of payment providers because all the money that people would have spent on a haircut, or makeup, they could spend on their payment solution.
  • Are Shoptalk attendees channeling Alex Honnold from Free Solo?

Future Commerce's Resident Puppy Analyst: Shoptalk Shop Talk:

Lunch Tables Are Lit at Shoptalk: Connecting With Brands Over Bread:

  • One of the best places to meet exciting brands at Shoptalk? The breakfast and lunch tables.
  • Phillip had the opportunity to chat with Adidas Speed Factory, Adidas had a very similar story to Levi's in regards to the evolution in the supply chain, and now they're making products closer to fulfillment, cutting down on the time it takes to make each product.
  • Brian and Lianne had a long conversation with Flowers Foods, who have acquired a new line of gluten-free bread, which will save Lianne from missing out on bread.
  • And there is no better way of getting Shoptalk attendees to connect, then over food and coffee.
  • And a company that is not to be named was overheard talking about how GDPR is already causing pain for U.S based brands.
  • Which answers the question as to whether GDPR will have an impact on large companies, because the multiple companies heard talking about pain points, are not small business.

Why Isn't Anyone Talking About Voice?

Retailers Agree: 2019 is The Year of Clientelling:

E-commerce providers are incredibly tribalistic: Why?

  • Phillip points out that while e-commerce providers are tribalistic, customers themselves don't care which provider they're using as long as those platforms provide the needed services.
  • Customers care about having a joyful experience, and that doesn't include search and browse anymore.
  • Levi's is bringing customers an experience they'll be able to appreciate, bringing the tailor shop into the center of the store, in order to have a conversation with every customer.
  • And digital retailers are having a brick-and-mortar renaissance, bringing customers into the actual conversation.

Store Closings: Boring Brands Continue to Die Off:

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