Our analysis of "deep fakes" continues as we sit down with SuperPersonal, the technology which maps a customer's face into the stores that they shop online. Founder Yannis Konstantinidis talks about the evolution and eventuality of the use of the technology, customer expectation, the blurred lines of privacy and personalization, and much more.

Show Notes:

Main Takeaways:

  • In one of Future Commerce's most anticipated interviews: SuperPersonal Founder Yannis Konstantinidis is here to talk tech.
  • With personalization being the future of pretty much everything, how will technology like SuperPersonal's fit into the retail space?
  • Yannis is a big fan of Future Commerce
  • What are the ethical implications of this kind of technology?

Can SuperPersonal Change The Way Consumers Shop Online?

  • Brian and Phillip are beyond excited to interview Yannis Konstantinidis, the Founder of Super Personal, all about his terrifying and insanely cool technology.
  • SuperPersonal is a tech company that enables actual personalization and allows users to see themselves in clothes that they have never worn before.
  • Phillip and Brian are both fans but also terrified of this technology
  • What's astonishing about this technology is that all it requires is a 15-second video of the user to be functional.
  • And as Yanis points out, there's an obvious need for this kind of technology, because people who buy online want to see what they will look like in the clothes beforehand.

From Shallow to Deep Fakes: Terrifying Tech on The Rise:

Customer Collaboration in Retail: Super Personal Edition

  • The more content that is put out online, the more potential for content manipulation.
  • So who is the perfect retail customer for Super Personal's technology?
  • Yanis says that for right now either smaller players in the retail space, like brands would have the most use for SuperPersonal's solutions or large players who want to use it for smaller projects, like the launch of a new project.
  • Brian says that this kind of technology is what Future Commerce has been looking out for since episode eight.

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