Main Takeaways: 

  • Somehow Google Docs has become the future of eCommerce
  • There's a virtual mall in Google Docs, and it's insanely cool 
  • Phillip may or may not be really into Jurassic Park
  • Brands are finding "scrappy" new ways to get feedback from their customers 
  • eCommerce has become the name of the new shopping game, could that be a forever thing? 

Google Docs is The Future of Everything: At Least Right Now: 

There's so much going on in the world during quarantine, and Google Docs is somehow the thing right now. And somehow everybody has decided that Google Docs are how we do everything, even how we throw shopping sprees. 

Not to “Googlesplain” but the mind-blowing game-changer is how business are using it as a collaboration tool with the world writ-large 

  • Seventy movies revolve around body-switching, just in case you needed to know that, and you do because Phillip's Insiders (#036) this week, aptly called Freaky Friday revolves around this very concept 
  • Everyday eCommerce gets more accessible, because of the body swap that occurred between eCommerce and brick-and-mortar 
  • What would have happened in Freaky Friday was forever (we may find out) 
  • Jurassic Park is an incredibly frightening movie, which somehow relates to Google Docs 
  • Brands are utilizing all elements of Google Drive to do all kinds of crazy cool things (lots of fun links below)  

eCommerce Is Body-Swapping With Brick and Mortar: 

With everything that's happening in our community, from massive eCommerce numbers in the wake of a complete brick-and-mortar shut down, and the possibility of COVID-19 continuing, bands are finding ways to utilize Google Docs (especially Google Sheets) in unique ways. Still, brands are also trying to find ways to entertain and distract their customers in the wake of a global pandemic. 

And we're seeing a semi-body swap that's happening between brick-and-mortar and eCommerce, with a forced way that's happening is with returns. 

  • One of the things that's very different in the age of COVID-19 is returns, often quite an in-store experience for customers. Which is why customers often choose in-store brands that make returning a product a seamless experience 
  • Now, though, with online brands often being the only option, shopping is happening online, and now customers have to contend with eCommerce return policies as well (which could get tricky) 
  • Phillip takes the time to mention a new Future Commerce sponsor, Relay Cloud, a platform that makes returns easier for everyone (customer and company), which is very helpful right now.
  • And to mention another fresh Google Doc concept, Bambu Earth, put together a form for customers to fill out so they could send "love letters" to first responders, and they aggregated feedback for customers and then baked it into ad-creative for first responders. 
  • And as Brian so eloquently said: a lot of these google docs solutions are just a great example of brands not always having to have the perfect solution. 

Future Commerce Is Having Fun: So Much Going On The Horizon: 

Phillip says the show is more fun this week, Brian says the show is always fun, and that's up to the audience to decide, but there are so many great stories this week. 

And even with all the fun, this is the most boundary-filled time in recent times, and so brands can take risks, as Brian said, now is the time for brands to get scrappier than ever.

It's the New Abnormal, one might say. 

  • One of the best parts of all of this, and there are advantages for brands willing to try new things during this period, is how much fewer fanfare initiatives need to have right now. 
  • Instead of putting together fancy dramatic productions, brands can send a Google doc form to customers, put together a presentation on Slides, or relay information in a Google Doc that everyone can view. 
  • It's a new kind of User Generated Content, where customers can participate in a new way. 
  • Brian: “We're in a moment right now where people are more excited to contribute than trolls are to destroy." (This is so Tweetable it needs to be Tweeted) 
  • Digitally native brands are now fundamental scrappier, and the operators in those brands are more skilled and wear more hats, and they are the ones who know how to work the moment (from a conversation between Phillip and Matt Axline from 4x400

New Things Are Coming Up: Even More Future Commerce Fun: 

Brands are starting to engage with their brands in new ways, which is so important, which is going to lead to reinforced customer expectations. The brands that are getting scrappy and doing the work right now to get the job done are going to set themselves upright. 

Which is very much a PSA to brands: Do the work so that you can succeed in the brand new world.

  • Phillip and Brian bring up a returning sponsor, Gladly, who are doing incredible things when it comes to customer service, radically personal if you will. 
  • Future Commerce is going to be doing some pretty cool projects with Gladly, so make sure you're signed up to our mailing list to always be in the know (and get some fantastic content in your inbox). 
  • Phillip decides to end the show with a brand new segment: What was the last thing you bought online? (links below) 
  • Phillip and Brian agree that Monoprice is the absolute best. 
  • Also, we have an incredible market research report coming out with Klayvio called 9x9 in a few weeks (hint: it's super freaking awesome) 

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