Episode 238
January 12, 2022

Our Favorite Shopping Scenes

In this episode, Phillip and Brian sit down to chat about their favorite shopping scenes in movies and how they’re still relevant today. From Home Alone, to Pretty Women and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Listen now!

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Living Rent-Free in our Brains

  • The drop culture and the hype culture have created a much shorter attention span.
  • “We trample over each other to get the goods we want.” -Phillip
  • Guided commerce has an emotional and personal impact when you do it in person, in such a way that it never lands the same when you’re doing it from a questionnaire. 
  • “Those sorts of sensory moments in commerce are often overlooked, but those are the things that actually make customer experience.” -Phillip
  • “Ee-commerce is democratized access to at least the understanding of what's available and to browse and to shop unfettered.” -Phillip

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