Episode 215
July 30, 2021

Modern Brands Need Waste Innovation

Taking material science and category innovation to a new level, Matt Bertulli, CEO of Pela, chats about making the next generation of commerce sustainable, what Pela is doing to lead the way in at home composting, and how we’re only at the beginning of the future of commerce and innovation. Listen now!

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Burn Your Own House Down Before Somebody Else Does 

  • Pela is a waste innovation platform. Selling the world's first compostable phone case along with eyewear, countertop compost systems, and haircare.
  • “We design waste out of the human experience. We’re a weird combination of commerce DTC, while also investing in material science, and figuring out how to get waste out of everyday products.” -Matt
  • “One of our core values at Pela is community. Community is taking care of the whole. We have this belief that you should leave the campsite better than you found it.”- Matt
  • There are a lot of ways to build consumerism without waste. One way Pela is working on building this is by creating their product, Lomi, a compost machine. Throw in your leftover food at night, go to sleep, wake up, and you have compost. 
  • The idea behind Lomi is to have distributed waste management: to have innovation and waste be consumer-driven rather than government-driven. 
  • “If every home in America had a Lomi, 80% of their food waste would be reduced. Not only is that reducing food waste, but the carbon footprint for all waste management would drop dramatically.” - Matt
  • “It would be great if more entrepreneurs started looking at innovations as a legit competitive advantage. Yes it’s risky, but if you’re trying to build real value, it’s the way to go.” -Matt 
  • DTC and eCommerce brands are at the starting point of major innovations for the future of commerce and how we experience products that better our lives and society. 

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