Episode 277
November 8, 2022

eCommerce is Violence

On today’s episode, Philip and Brian discuss their recent issue of The Senses, as well as some tips for preparing for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday season. They also talk about the recent release of a Ralph Lauren collection in Fortnite and how Roblox has become a giant brand playground. Plus listen in for a HUGE announcement that we are really excited about!

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  • How to be prepared for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday season, including some horror stories from past years
  • ECommerce itself is gamified. ECommerce best practices tend to point to how do we become more persuasive? How do we appeal to our basest of instincts like FOMO?
  • We will be publishing a Future Commerce trade show and conference guide to assist in all of your “Which shows do I go to and why?” questions and needs, so stay tuned
  • Brian has more Marshall McLuhan to talk about, which reminded him of our big announcement
  • Our big announcement is that we are publishing a 240-page journal called Archetypes, and it’s going to blow your mind 
  • Plus we are launching Archetypes at a live event centered around art and performance, including modern dance, on December 1 in Miami, FL (wait until you see the merch!)
  • Phillip is loving the brand Teenage Engineering on every level
  • Any generational brand becomes what's relevant and they find product market fit and then they find the generational brand culture fit much later in their journey
  • The guys share a little “remember when” about how hard it was to get a site back up when it crashed back in the old days

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