Lively CEO and Founder Michelle Cordeiro Grant sits down with us at Shoptalk 2019 to talk about how they're using community to drive commerce in an authentic way - and in so doing creating entire households of customers by partnering and empowering women who are "Wild at Heart, with Boss Brains".

Show Notes:

Main Takeaways:

  • Brian and Phillip are interviewing Michelle Cordeiro Grant, CEO, and Founder of Lively live at #Shoptalk2019!
  • Lively is more than just a lingerie brand, it's a community of women who are passionate and purpose driven.
  • Does everybody need an emerald bralette with a stripe: Maybe?
  • The intimates industry is valued at more than 13B a year, how does Lively differentiate itself?  
  • The Lively community has produced seven companies by merely bringing together entrepreneurial women with similar value systems.

From Concept to Customer: How Lively Came to Be:

  • Michelle Cordeiro Grantt CEO and Founder of Lively, says she basically grew up in retail, starting at Federated Merchandising Group, working with brands like Macy's, before eventually landing at Victoria Secret where she spent most of her tenure.
  • Something that really intrigued Michelle about Victoria Secret was the story behind the brand, and also the fact that while the lingerie-intimates industry is worth 13B per year, Victoria Secret owns 35% of that pie, which is pretty insane.
  • This start-up was not going to be just another lingerie brand in the space, Michelle wanted Lively to be a brand that would represent individuality, passion, and purpose.
  • Which is precisely what Lively is doing, and the brand has created a community and brand experience that encourages women to be powerful and purposeful.

Want vs. Need: Lively is Changing the Conversation Around Buying Bras:

Community Driven Commerce: More Than Just a Brand:

Lively is Bringing Women Together to Innovate and Create:

  • Another way that Lively is fostering community is by actually having in-person events like "Founder Fridays," in which women entrepreneurs can come to Michelle's office and ask her all of the beginning questions that all entrepreneurs want answers to.
  • Seven companies have been started after Lively's inception, just because of the community Lively fostered.
  • Phillip questions what the next five years look like for Lively?
  • "We've been very focused on long-term growth. We are very focused on retention and loyalty. Building out physical retail spaces but also leveraging community experience.
  • Brian is so excited that in the year of clientelling Lively is working on building long term partnerships with their customers.
  • This is especially important in a year that has seen record store closings for other.. less relationship... focused brands, like Victoria's Secret.
  • So what can the Future Commerce audience learn from Michelle, and Lively?
  • Michelle says that Lively has built its brand around the community, and they want to break down the glass wall that sees women-owned business only receiving 2% of VC funding.  
  • "When women are given the opportunity to lead, the things they will create will be logical and practical and amazing."

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