Episode 8
August 20, 2016

Body Data

Brian and Phillip go futurist and talk about the emerging technologies around Body Data. They dive into more privacy issues including a national healthcare database and owning / managing your health data.

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Chat Bots: Conversational Commerce

  • PCI Compliance
  • Conversational Commerce

Body data


  • You’ll try on clothes in VR - see yourself and how you look in them
  • Eventually, most clothing will be on demand and therefore perfectly tailored - you won’t be trying on sizes, you’ll simply be seeing different designs/colors/sizes on yourself.
  • Could revolutionize clothing design
  • Cost, brand etc will be tied up with quality, speed, and other factors.
  • In fact there may just be local clothes printing stations: http://www.electroloom.com/

Gaming and virtual communities

  • You’ll play games as yourself
  • Health and fitness data will be updated in real time
  • You’ll improve your personal fitness to be more competitive in games
  • Many games will become incredibly physically competitive
  • Different body types will find different roles in each game
  • Imagine playing Madden with your squad. So sick.

Comprehensive body scans could eventually be covered by health insurance

  • Virtual health will get easier (benefits of virtual health have already been covered at length by many https://www.accenture.com/us-en/insight-virtual-health)
  • Insurance companies are already incentivizing good health habits (and this will go further with more tracking)
  • Scan could be much more in depth than at home tools
  • We will likely see more hardware and software available for providing real time updates to healthcare providers.
  • Some of these devices/software will double for providing updates to other channels (games etc, since some of these channels will only accept data from more “official” data collection methods)
  • Anomalies in data could trigger notifications and healthcare providers will be the ones requesting appointments (mostly virtual) instead of the other way around http://diatribe.org/google-secures-patent-glucose-sensing-contact-lens

Dating sites

  • Only dating sites that use verified body data will be considered legit
  • Obviously, this will be in VR

Body data as become unique identifiers

Body data as a personal asset

Body data security

Check out your personal Google Maps profile!

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