Former Ambassador and Deputy Assistant Secretary Daniel Sepulveda joins us to talk about Privacy, CCPA, GDPR, and the fundamental right to control our own data. Listen now!

Show Notes:

Main Takeaways:

  • With all the talk about digital privacy, how that data being used is a question many are asking, and former Ambassador and Assistant Secretary Danny Sepulveda is here to talk data and everything that comes along with it.
  • In 2018 California passage passed a data privacy law, will other states follow suit in 2019?
  • There are three big service providers when it comes to Big Data, do we even have to name them anymore?
  • The genie is out of the bottle on data itself, but there needs to be context around how that data is being used, especially by massive companies with unparalleled power.

California Set a Standard For Data Privacy Laws: Will Other States Follow Suit?

  • Future Commerce is beyond excited to haveformer Ambassador and Assistant Secretary Danny Sepulveda on the show, Danny is currently the VP of Government Relations at Media Math.
  • Brian wonders if someone will someone show up to the Senate in high-end denim at some point?
  • Brian says that how corporations use and utilize data is one of the most critical issues of our micro-generation.
  • So CCPA: or the California Consumer Privacy Act, has set a standard for states to set limits on what big corporations can do with their users' data.
  • Brian asks Danny if other states will follow California's example, and what is being done on a federal level?
  • New Jersey and Illinois both have begun to discuss digital privacy laws similar to the CCPA.

No One Won in Washington State: Is Data Privacy Partisan?

2020 is Heating up: Why Everyone Cares About Silicon Valey:

Danny Sepulveda's Perscription to Merchants: Now And Later:

  • One of the ways Brian recommends that retailers can get ahead of this data overload is to collect their own data for customers so that they don't have to get it from someplace else down the road.
  • Brian asks Danny what his recommendations are for retailers and merchants, long-term and short-term.
  • Danny says in the short term, retailers need to be focused on building relationships and maintaining relationships with clients and continue providing value.
  • In the long term, Danny says it is imperative for companies to have in-house team members that know as much about the technology being utilized as the tech companies they partner with.

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