Season 2 Episode 7
October 26, 2022

Community Building & Belonging

We are social beings who need community and long to create meaning through the relationships in our life. How do we interact with brands, consumers, and the products surrounding us to really engage with each other? Listen as Kiri and Ingrid dive into the human need for community and belonging.

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  • We use brands and social signals as a way to make decisions about what we’re going to do with/put in our bodies
  • Minecraft is a platform that has generated a community and has become not just a game, but actually an identity and an activity in which families are involved and together in it
  • Glossier was brilliant in creating a gated Slack channel for top 100 fans which helped them build community and also have access to valuable market research
  • “When you think about these if-you-know-you-know business models, luxury has created that, but the Internet has created that if-you-know-you-know for everyone. It's democratized these niche, little communities.” - Ingrid
  • You go to amazon for specific things, not for inspiration, and it serves a specific purpose
  • There's some weirdness where we are social beings and we want to be in a social community, we’ve shifted from one person in a clan to Kim K with millions of followers
  • “One of the challenges that we have in our digitally-connected community is that it is our community. This is where we go for belonging. But there are not always the best or clearest intentions among all the people in the community.” - Kiri
  • There is a way for brands to handle reviews in a really transparent way that still drives more review volume and a feeling of community without being shady
  • “There's always going to be a need and a place and a way to differentiate yourself as a brand by understanding the fundamental human need for community and belonging.” - Ingrid

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